Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog.

First things first, my name is Madison. I was born in Georgia, but raised in a small town in Wisconsin. I love fall, peanut butter, the Green Bay Packers, coffee, and my family. I am a (first-time) mom, of  a perfect little boy, Maxwell James. He was born on September 23rd, 2015. If you count fur babies, I have another “child” named Quizno. He keeps things interesting. I am currently working full time, and planning on going back to school full time, in the summer of 2016, to become an AODA counselor. I have an amazing boyfriend named Nick. We have been together for 2 years and counting.

This blog is basically my own personal journal online.  I plan on writing about everything, and anything. (Life, family, parenthood, recipes… you name it!) I’m not sure where it will go, or what will come out of it, but writing is a good outlet for me. I’m still learning all of the basics (so bear with me…it’s a work in progress).

 Take a little step into my life, and check it out!




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